Why buy a barn style shed?

If you live in a modest size house as many people do in the United States, you will be well aware of how easily your house can get cluttered up with stuff.  Particularly if you have a young family, kids toys and accessories, all seem to come in abundance these days and are forever increasing in size. There just never seems to be enough space to fit it all in, and create some order around the place.                                                           

This is where the concept of an outdoor storage shed is worth exploring. When it comes to selecting the best garden shed kit for your storage solution, there are many different types of outdoor storage buildings available to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes. Utility storage sheds are generally categorised in small, medium and large.

A medium size garden shed is approximately 6×10 or 8×10 and is substantial for most storage solutions. It may seem very small, but if it is properly organised inside, you can store a lot of equipment in there. In this article we will look at some advantages of a barn style storage shed. Unlike smaller metal sheds or low level plastic sheds, barn sheds are modelled on the old traditional Dutch barn with extra height in the middle. These sheds have great scope to install a free standing shelving system, along the full length of one wall, from floor to ceiling. If you buy a barn shed with in the Arrow Sheds range of metal storage sheds you could also do this on both sides, which will really increase the storage potential in your storage unit. The great advantage of having open shelves in your garden shed is that you can see everything clearly as a glance, as you walk into your shed. Typically folks just chuck in their stuff, on top of more stuff, until the shed gets full, close the door, and never go in there again until it’s absolutely necessary. Then it all becomes a nightmare to try and find that tool or toy you placed there last summer.  It almost defeats the purpose in the first place…!

By having two free standing shelving systems up both sides of your shed, you can be super organized and it still leaves the middle area of your shed completely free. This centre space can be ideal for placing bigger items such as a lawn mower at the back, and large toys,  which still leaves room for a couple of bicycles or  other movables at the front for easy access.

Most garden sheds these days come in kit form and are pretty easy to build. They are very reasonably priced and are a sure cost effective way to solving a storage problem. You will find everything from metal sheds, vinyl sheds and even plastic sheds on the market with options of fitted windows, all sized doors to suit your equipment, and various colour finishes to blend into your surroundings.

For more information on barn style sheds and all types of storage sheds. Visit us at storageshedsdirect.com where our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right shed for your needs.

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  1. Michael

    I bought an arrow shed last year and did like you, the extra shelving really works and helps keep it organized.


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