Vinyl Storage Sheds – Our Top 3 FAQ’s

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service here at SSD and we don’t just mean after-care either. Even if you are still trying to make up your mind about the best garden shed kit for you, we are always happy to help with some friendly and expert advice on our toll free Customer service hotline. With that in mind we thought we’d compile our list of most frequently asked customer questions on this week’s topic: Vinyl Storage Sheds.   

Which brand would you recommend and why?

If you are going to go for an all vinyl construction our recommendation would be Duramax storage sheds. These leading manufacturers use a UV resistant, fire retardant resin that is designed for the hot southern sun. Many other vinyl storage sheds manufacturers who use a cheaper form of PVC. Duramax vinyl sheds are made from a heavier material that is further reinforced with galvanized beams. These sheds are pretty much maintenance free, and are more durable than some other models and the great thing is all Duramax vinyl sheds come with a 10 – 15 year warranty.

What colours are available and can we repaint our shed?

Most vinyl shed brands come available in neutral off white colours such as ivory or eggshell. We don’t recommend repainting. One of the advantages of purchasing vinyl storage sheds is that they don’t rust, rot or need repainting. If you do decide to repaint your shed yourself please make sure that your paint is suitable for the vinyl – and bear in mind that it may need repainting again in a few years time.

Do Vinyl Storage Sheds need foundations to be laid?

Yes, most garden shed kits need to be built on a flat and even surface. One option is using a pre-existing, level, concrete pad. If you do not have this already you will need to build a floor with lumber and plywood or purchase a ready made foundation kit and lay plywood on top. Some Duramax storage sheds already come with a complete floor that can sit on many different surfaces including turf and soil. It will be important to anchor your shed using an anchor kit (See other articles in this blog for a more detailed guide on laying your own foundation or timber floor.)

How long is assembly time?

It really depends on the size of the model that you purchase – but it will normally be from three to four hours upwards and require at least two people for the job. The need to lay foundations and any additional extensions you are planning will add to assembly time. Please check the product description at point of purchase for a more accurate estimate from the manufacturer on assembly time for the specific model that you have chosen.

Choosing the right storage shed for you is an important decision, it pays to take some time and shop around. Storage Sheds Direct carry all of the top brands on the market and also offer FREE ground shipping and a toll FREE customer service hotline. Why not visit us at today.


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