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Creating a Level Base for Your New Storage Shed.

Before erecting a storage shed of any kind, the most important aspect of the whole job is to start off with a level solid base. There is no guarantee that your backyard or garden space will be completely level even though it may look reasonably ok. For some people this may not be a big issue, but for example if you have a work bench inside your storage shed, where you will be spending a good deal of your hobby time, for ease of comfort it will be kind of important that your bench is sitting level, and not at an awkward angle or tilt. Can you imagine eating your dinner every day on a table that is sitting off level? You will go crazy..!  Also even more importantly for ease of assembling your shed, the base needs to be dead level. If it is off level, it will only start showing when you get as far as assembling the roof, you will run into all sorts of problems like parts not lining up correctly and you will feel like pulling all your hair out, if you have any left at that stage, but don’t fret just yet. 🙂 Below we will try and put you on the right track so you have a smooth and pain free assembly process. Continue reading