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Building a Concrete Base for your New Garden Shed Kit

Many of our customers ask us: What is the easiest way to create a base for my new garden shed kit? In other articles in our blog we have looked at ways to build a wooden base for your Duramax storage shed, but here we are going to look at the option of creating a concrete base. Essential items required are;                                              Continue reading

Making the Most of your Man Den – with Duramax Sheds.

Aaahh Summer. Time to plan a camping trip and think about fixing the car. Or maybe you just want to take it easy in a deckchair with a nice, cold beer? Either way – where’s all that stuff hiding? We know…you haven’t looked since the search for Christmas decs in December. Now is the time to get organized. Imagine tackling it all and transforming your den into a place where everything’s at your finger tips and where you’ll want to hang out too. Here’s how you do it. Continue reading

Suncast Storage Sheds (Why Size always matters)

Suncast storage sheds are one of the most popular range of garden shed kits on the market today. Specialising in high quality, plastic sheds at affordable prices, this leading manufacturer designs sheds suitable for all types of homes and backyards. Made out of a high quality resin, these plastic storage sheds are durable, fire retardant and require no treatment leaving them maintenance free and light weight enough to easily reposition. Storage sheds from Suncast come in three sizes – let us help you choose the right size for you.   Continue reading

5 reasons why Arrow Sheds might be the storage solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s Spring Clean time of year again; suddenly we notice the hallways have been taken over by bikes, the TV room is bursting at the seams and even the garage seems to be heaving at the sides – and that’s without the car even in it! What better time to take control of your living conditions and claim back your space. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways to create more storage space is by purchasing and self-assembling a garden shed kit. We’ve looked at the benefits of metal storage sheds from leading manufacturers in the field – Arrow Sheds. Continue reading