Review on Rhino 12x20x8 Round Top

Many folks call us enquiring about our Rhino Shelter products. So we thought we would do a review video on our most popular seller the Rhino 12x20x8 Round Top. Check it out here. If you found this video helpful and it saved you a ton of time researching the web, keep the karma going round by giving it a thumbs up or a like … 🙂   We just love our customers here at Storage Sheds Direct.   Much Appreciated.  Mike.

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Storage Shed Reviews – Our New YouTube Channel

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Rhino Shelters – Round Top, Barnyard or Greenhouse?

Rhino shelters specialize in manufacturing instant garages constructed of a strong, galvanized steel frame stretched with highly durable, weather resistant, ripstop fabric. These portable garages are perfect for protecting vehicles and equipment and livestock. The lightweight and portable nature of an instant garage means they can also provide a suitable temporary work (or play) space at commercial job sites or for events, functions and parties.  Continue reading

How To Anchor a Shed

While there are many sheds available to buy online these days, there seems to be very little information available from shed companies on methods of how to prevent your new storage shed from being uprooted by stormy weather or gale force winds. If this happens, it can be a costly job to properly repair the damage, so it makes good sense to protect to your investment from such fates. Lets have a look at the options. Continue reading

Tips on Building Your Portable Shelter

Portable Shelters are fast becoming one of the most popular storage solutions for suburban and rural home owners in the United States. They provide a simple, fast and economical soluation for housing just about any hobby need, from boats to RV’s, cars, trailers, trucks, motor cycles etc. For the most part they stand up well in the snow particularly the round top models and they all have UV sun protection of some level built into the fabric.  You have purchased your new shelter and it has arrived to your home.  So what now? Continue reading

Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storage.

As the recreational sailing and boating season comes to an end, it is that time of year again when boat owners have to get their vessels out of the water and onto dry land, and ideally placed in a shelter or garage for the winter months. Although some boat owners will be happy to leave their boat moored up in a marina all year round, the winter weather can be especially hard on your boat, causing excess corrosion, rust and moisture penetration. It also means you never get a chance to antifoul your boat which when left for several seasons can be difficult to remove and affect the gel surface of your vessel. For the purpose of this short article we will discuss the most important maintenance tasks to do when you take your boat out of the water. Continue reading

RV Winter Storage Tips & Tricks

As fall leads into winter those of you who are the privileged owners of an RV will be thinking of garaging your vehicle for the cold winter months to protect it from the elements and to keep it in good shape for the next season. We all know too well by leaving your vehicle out over winter will do it no good. The accumulation of dampness over time will cause problems with electrics, air condition etc. and not to mention causing it to rust and deteriorate faster, thus reducing its lifetime and dependability. Continue reading