Metal, Vinyl or Instant for your new Garage?

Congratulations – you’ve got a new member of the family. You’ve finally found a plus one. Yep that’s right, you’ve gone and bought a new car or motorbike. But where to keep her where she’ll feel happy, safe and protected.
Vinyl, instant or metal storage sheds make great garages – ideal for storing SUVs, trailers, cars and bikes. However it can be hard to know where to start looking, there are so many brands on the market place and so many different styles and materials to choose from. Hopefully this short article will take some of the pain out of the decision making process as we cover the benefits of metal, vinyl and instant garages below.

Metal Garages

You want somewhere strong and safe to protect your new investment. Metal storage sheds offer a heavy weight strength from an all metal construction that other models can’t provide as well as protecting against insect damage and rot that can be an issue with wooden structures. Bear in mind however they are more vulnerable to rust over time. Leading manufacturers in the field Arrow sheds make metal storage sheds constructed out of vinyl coated electro galvanized steel and reinforced with steel bracing. All models comes with a 12 year warranty for peace of mind.

Vinyl Garages

Duramax sheds are leaders in the field at creating vinyl storage sheds and all models come with a 10 year guarantee. These constructions still come with an all steel frame but have modular vinyl panels that slot into place that provides an easy, hassle free assembly. The vinyl is made of a durable UV resistant resin that will never require painting and is maintenance free. Some of the larger Duramax models are suitable to house more than one vehicle or even a boat and some are available for purchase with floor and windows. Wall panels are suitable to hang shelving allowing you to make the most of your storage space.

Instant Garages

Instant garages from manufacturers such as Rhino instant garages offer a range of house style and round top garages constructed out of galvanized steel beams and covered with a superior industrial grade, three layer, UV and fade resistant material. These models include wind brace supports and are designed to hold weighty snow loads. If you require larger storage space then Rhino are your best bet providing Boat house/Garage style shelters suitable also for any type of vehicle including freight vehicles and RV’s.

Still undecided? Purchasing a storage shed is a significant investment and its important to spend some time doing some research before making a decision. carry all the top brands on the market and also offers free ground shipping within the contiguous US and a toll free customer service hotline.


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