Making the Most of your Man Den – with Duramax Sheds.

Aaahh Summer. Time to plan a camping trip and think about fixing the car. Or maybe you just want to take it easy in a deckchair with a nice, cold beer? Either way – where’s all that stuff hiding? We know…you haven’t looked since the search for Christmas decs in December. Now is the time to get organized. Imagine tackling it all and transforming your den into a place where everything’s at your finger tips and where you’ll want to hang out too. Here’s how you do it.

First Things First

If you haven’t already carved out some space of your own – you need to purchase your den. Why not look into Duramax sheds – these vinyl storage sheds are constructed with modular vinyl panels around galvanized steel columns. The vinyl is a high quality, UV resistant, fire retardant resin making these garden shed kits sheds maintenance free and impervious to termites. They are strong, durable and have a smart and attractive finish. Some Duramax storage shed designs come with windows and flooring to create a cosy space where you can grab some peace and quiet.

Start with a Clean slate.

Whether you’ve just bought your shed or you are clearing out an existing one the first thing to do is to empty it and lay out everything you want to go in it onto a tarp in the backyard. You may want to think about giving the shed a clean on the inside since its empty. Then sort out your items putting all matching equipment together e.g all gardening tools, sporting goods and so on. You need to have everything cleanly categorized before you can start putting them back in their respective zones.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Next start throwing away any unnecessary items – aim to reduce your contents by at least 40%. Are you a hoarder? Do you really need that old Philips screw driver from 1980? Chuck it out and be ruthless! Try asking yourself when the last time you used the item – if it’s more than a year ago then its got to go. Make sure anything broken is first out the door, likewise duplicates of items. Sort out the rubbish into piles – the stuff you can recycle, what you’ll throw straight in the trash can or things that you can donate to a good cause or a neighbor in need.

Zoning out

Take an inventory of everything you have left, then map out your space by creating zones using tape to outline the inside space – sectioning off areas that need to be reserved for your vehicle, your tools, your gardening, your sport equipment etc. Don’t forget to look at wall hanging space and where you might be able to hang items from the ceiling. Then make a list and don’t forget to purchase any additional shelving or storage space you may need to get the job done right.

And there you have it a clutter free, clean, inhabitable den for you to enjoy some “me time” in, not to mention a newly well – organized space that makes getting your hands on that camping equipment or planning BBQs a breeze

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