How to get portable storage solutions… in an instant .

Need a shed with a tough hide? Our rough guide to Rhino Shelters.

Sometimes our storage needs can change rapidly; even overnight. Perhaps you’ve just bought the car of your dreams…or added a new Harley to the collection… either way you may find yourself in the position where you have to accommodate this new purchase quickly. Instant garages or “portable garages” as they are sometimes known can be an efficient and speedy solution to the problem. With a focus on one of the leading brands of instant shedsRhino Shelters – we’ve looked at some of the benefits of instant garages. 

Affordable, Foot loose and Fancy Free

One of the main benefits of a portable garage is that its easy to take down and easy to relocate, so if you are on the move a lot and know that you won’t be at a fixed abode for very long they offer a huge advantage to a more permanent structure. There are also savings to be made. The materials used in the instant garages or often less costly and there is no need for expensive concrete foundations to be laid. Some customers even find they are able to use the additional square footage as an extension of their living space.

Whatever the weather

Instant garages are constructed with tension fabric stretched over steel frames. In the case of Rhino Shelters the increased amount of natural light that this material lets into the enclosure versus a traditional steel structure means an ambient environment and a cosier place to hide out in winter (around 10 to 15 degrees warmer than a steel building. )The natural dampening properties of the material also means less noise drumming on the roof in the middle of a rain, hail or snow storm and you don’t need to worry about the structure rusting either.

Strong as an ox (or a rhino…)

Rhino Instant garages have an anchoring system that means your building will stay put with no need for concrete or pre -drilled holes. For extra peace of mind additional systems are also available to provide extra security. These portable garages use only hot dipped galvanized steel tubing for their frame. This is subjected to a unique double-dipped process which protects against corrosion inside and out offering a long lasting frame structure.

A tough hide for tough elements

Rhino Instant garages are covered with a high quality, heavy- duty, rip stop, polyvinyl, three layered fabric. The weather-proof outer layer stops rain and snow. The black, middle layer blocks out sunlight and UV rays. The inner layer is white, bright and reflective to retain light within the enclosure. The weave of the thread means that the material is tear resistant and that the tear will not spread. This high quality fabric is proven to last between 7 and 10 years in direct sunlight.

Whatever your preference it’s important to shop around to make sure that you find the perfect instant garage to meet your budget and backyard. Storage Sheds Direct stocks all of the top brands on the US market and also offers FREE ground shipping and a toll free customer service hotline. Why not visit to find your perfect instant shed today.

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