How to Choose the Right Storage Shed.

Practical considerations when buying a storage shed. Many storage sheds these day come as complete shed kits, i.e. they will simply arrive flat packed, pallet wrapped or in a big cardboard box. And the rest will be up to you. This may be daunting to some people but it can also be a fun exercise putting it all together.

The essential things you need to know before you buy a storage shed is that there are basically four different types of sheds, metal, plastic, wood, and vinyl storage sheds. Within these material types there are many variations and sizes to suit any backyard or garden situation. There will always be pros and cons with whichever choice you make.

Factors you need to consider are maintenance, security, visual aspect, size of space, height and access restrictions. Let’s have a look at these factors in more detail.

Maintenance; are you the type of person that enjoys DIY and you like do your own house repairs. If so, you won’t mind getting the paint brush out every couple of years to paint your wooden shed during the summer months. If this is not your forte, then maybe a wood shed is not the best choice for your back yard shed. This is where a metal shed or vinyl shed or even a plastic shed would be more suitable, in which case there will be very little maintenance in regard to painting, although a metal shed may need painting every 5-6 years, but vinyl and plastic won’t.

Security; what do you intend to store in the shed? Is your yard or garden easily accessible by potential intruders? Do you intend to store expensive tools or other small pieces of equipment that could be valuable? If this is a concern, you might consider a metal storage shed, maybe even without windows. While vinyl sheds and plastic sheds are very durable to the elements they may not be the most mechanically secure, in that, if someone really wanted to break through the wall, it would not be the most difficult thing in the world to do.

Visual Aspect. Is your storage shed going to be very visible from the rest of your house, or from the general public view? If so aesthetics will be an important consideration.  You may not want to have a nice old period style house with an industrial looking metal shed at the side. If you have a nice garden, a traditional wooden storage shed could blend into your landscape and you can paint it a colour of your choice, and maybe even put some nice hanging baskets or plants around it, to enhance its charm. Modern brands like Suncast storage sheds also make beautiful garden sheds with windows, shutter and window flower boxes.

Size and Access Restrictions; an obvious consideration would be how big your shed needs to be and how big your yard space is where you intend to place it, orientation etc. It is worth taking a bit of time here as once you have the shed assembled it needs to look right in your space. A good tip here is to simply get four pegs and some cord and physically measure it out on the ground by placing a peg where each corner will be and attaching the cord around the perimeter. Take several steps back and try to visualise your shed in place. It is also good to cut a piece of wood at whatever height your potential shed will be to get an idea how tall it is. Sleep on it, take your time and a little forethought will pay huge dividends down the line.

After all of these considerations you will be well informed when you set out to buy your storage shed. If you need free expert advice or would like to view shed sizes, most popular brands in USA at best prices then visits us at; where our team are on hand to reach out you.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Storage Shed.

  1. Tomas Killington

    My brother has recently been gardening a lot lately as a hobby. He has noticed that he could use a shed because he is running out of storage space for his gardening equipment. I didn’t consider taking four pegs and cord and making a perimeter of how large you want your shed to visualize it. That’s a great tip that I’ll pass along to my brother.

  2. Trayson Evans

    I am a fan of painting my shed every year. Here’s why, I was raised learning to work hard. I would like having a wood shed for the reasons that the article talks about. It would be another chore for my kids and me. I think it would be a lot of fun to work on that with my kids.


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