How To Anchor a Shed

While there are many sheds available to buy online these days, there seems to be very little information available from shed companies on methods of how to prevent your new storage shed from being uprooted by stormy weather or gale force winds. If this happens, it can be a costly job to properly repair the damage, so it makes good sense to protect to your investment from such fates. Lets have a look at the options.

There is probably no full proof method that gives a 100% guarantee against any storm situation but there are several simple solutions you can use that will reduce or prevent your shed from lifting in a storm.

Probably the most effective way to secure any kit building is to set it on a concrete slab and bolt the structure down to the concrete with appropriate size bolts for the job. Many metal and vinyl sheds these days come with a U-channel type perimeter track that serves for several purposes.

1)      It provides the outline for your shed footprint and is placed with U facing upward.

2)      It will usually have predrilled holes in the bottom of the U-channel which allow for drilling down to the concrete and inserting a concrete bolt through and securing to concrete.

3)      This U-channel also acts as a receiver for the wall panels which can be secured into the channel via screw fixings when assembling your shed.

Arrow Anchor kit

Arrow Anchor kit

Depending on your location and how exposed your shed is to elements, for the average 10×8 size shed or any shed for that matter it would be good practice to place a concrete bolt approximately every 3 foot along the perimeter. There is nothing stopping you drilling more holes in the U channel and placing more concrete bolts if you think it is necessary.

It is really important that whatever size bolts you use, that you also use the correct size masonry drill bit to drill the concrete. The best result will be a tightly fitted bolt into its hole before tightening down to concrete. If a larger drill bit is used, the bolt may tighten down but won’t have the holding strength that is required to secure your building and will defeat all your effort. So check the exact measurement on the bolt or ask at your hardware store, what is the correct size drill bit to use for the bolts you purchase. Concrete bolts don’t usually come with sheds so you will need to buy them separately.

Also, if you drill a hole in concrete and you hit soft ground, this will be a poor fixing point. You may need to drill a new hole through the metal U-channel adjacent it and try and get a solid fixing for that bolt. Remember it is the composite strength of all the bolts that secures your building. So try and make sure that each bolt is well fixed and doing its job.

Arrow Sheds provide a concrete anchor kit that makes it easy to fix on most of their models. This simply consists of 4 corner gussets that attach to each corner on the base foundation  kit. The corner gussets have slotted holes that will take a substantial concrete bolt thus securing your shed.

In some situations while trying to anchor  a shed you may have to improvise using a suitable method. One very useful way to get around a difficult situation is to buy some plumbers strap at the hardware store. This is galvanized metal strap with fixing holes all the way along it which can be used to loop around a stable part of you building and fixed down to the concrete. You will find different grades of plumbers strap from light to heavy duty. Plumbers strap is a versatile, flexible and  a strong material and it can work really well in awkward situations.

If you don’t have a concrete base to set your shed on, the second most popular method of anchoring your shed is to use earth augurs. These are ideal when placing your shed on the dirt or gravel base. These are simply large augers similar to a wine corkscrew concept that you must screw down into the earth. When tightened down properly they take a great fixing and provide a secure anchor point that you then must attach your building to. This can be the tricky part as many shed companies don’t have a designated way of attaching to these earth anchors. The most common method is to use some steel wire and U clamps which you will have to buy separately except for Arrow Sheds they provide a complete kit with clamps, cable and augurs. You simply lace the wire through the eye of the anchor and around the base foundation kit at a suitable point on your shed, pull the wire taught and tighten the clamps in place thus securing all in position. You could also use plumbers strap as mentioned earlier for this job.

Earth Anchor Methods

Earth Anchor Methods

Whatever method you use to anchor your building it is important that it is well secured for peace of mind if nothing else. Getting your building properly squared, levelled and anchored is the most important part of erecting any shed. After all there is no good building without a good foundation. Storage Sheds Direct is a nationwide supplier and storage building consultant for all your outdoor storage needs.

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  1. Joe Eggers

    This is a good article but one of the U-bolt clamps forming the loop at the end of the wire rope in the picture is incorrectly installed. The U-bolt closest to the stake needs to be rotated 180° to have the same orientation as the one further from the stake. In the picture, the closer U-bolt is currently in the position known as “saddling a dead horse” which is not the safe, secure method.

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