Duramax’s New Woodbridge Plus.

When it comes to Vinyl sheds it’s hard to beat the Duramax range of sheds for both quality and value for money. Thankfully unlike traditional wooden sheds, which invariably require a lot of back-breaking work to keep in good shape every year, between painting and replacing bits of lumber that have rotted away, Duramax sheds go well beyond the need for annual maintenance. They will not rot, mildew or ever need painting and they even carry a 15yr warranty which is more than many other shed providers offer. This, of course, proves to be a very attractive feature for any sensible buyer who values their weekend downtime better than being up a ladder painting or repairing.

The Woodbridge Plus series is Duramax’s latest offering in modern aesthetics and practical design and it’s proving to be a popular choice with many of our customers.

Structurally the Duramax Woodbridge Plus sheds are supported by metal uprights inserted between the wall panels that also provide secure anchor points for fixing Duramax Shelving Kits and wall accessories. Similarly, the truss roof system is well braced to provide ample support for snow load and heavy winds with galvanized steel beams.

A unique feature of the Woodbridge Plus over the older Woodbridge model sheds is that Duramax has included one window with the shed which was an optional extra before. This definitely makes for a nice bright interior. The skylight feature is no longer available due to the new replicate brown shingle roof design that gives the Woodbridge Plus its character together with brown barn style doors with black hardware handles and hinges. The full door height of 71 inches high and 61 inches width allows for easy access for tractor mowers or just about any garden equipment.

The Duramax Woodbridge Plus shed is available in 3 practical sizes all at 10.5 feet wide and at 8ft, 10ft or 13ft long. They are rated to carry a substantial 20lb/sq ft snow load.

See the Duramax Woodbridge Plus series at Storage Sheds Direct and find the shed that suits your needs.

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