Arrow Sheds – Top 7 Customer Tips on self assembly.

The weed whackers and the lawn cutters are clogging up the extension and the wife’s new hobby is spread out over work surfaces – time to invest in some outside storage space. You need something durable that can withstand the elements and at a price that won’t break the bank. Arrow storage sheds are a popular choice for customers on a budget as they offer a range of affordable DIY garden shed kits.  Arrow do metal storage sheds and a premium range of vinyl coated metal storage sheds constructed from electro – galvanized steel and reinforced with metal ribbing. But what advice can customers who’ve bought a shed from Arrow offer to those considering a purchase. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best Tips from Arrow sheds customer reviews for you to find out.

1) Check tools and manpower before you start:

The tools and number of people required for the job will vary depending on the size of the shed. For the smaller models that start around the 10f x 8ft size most customers seemed to think a couple of screwdrivers including a Philips Head and a drill should do the job.

2) Use Protection!

You will be handling sheet metal with sharp edges. Make sure you and your building buddies keep it safe by wearing protective gloves to protect your skin against sharp edges

3) Ladder Up: Depending on the height of the building its a good idea to have a step ladder on hand before you begin.

4) Lay it Down Many customers comment on the number of small parts, screws etc that come with an Arrow model so instead of laying pieces out on the lawn – lay down some tarp and put all of the individual components onto the tarp in one place.

5) No DIY Freestyle The instructions for Arrow sheds are very detailed and come with intricate diagrams so it can be tempting to skip parts if you are a confident DIYer. But heed the advice of those who have gone before you. If you don’t follow the instructions closely, it could seriously set you back, better to take it slowly, step by step, and get it right first time.

6) Seal It shut

Having spent some time constructing your shed the last thing you want is for any of your belongings to sustain water damage from a building that hasn’t been erected and sealed properly. Some Arrow models come with duct tape for that purpose – however customers also recommend using silicone sealant, Insulating Foam Sealant, or caulking on the gaps, cracks and joints of panels whilst the building is progressing just to be sure.

7) Even stevens

Remember that your shed will need to be constructed on a level surface and anchored down. Arrow sheds do floor foundation and anchoring kits for that purpose.

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