Arrow Sheds – 4 Favorite Sizes Reviewed

In this article we review 4 popular iconic Arrow budget range sheds. Arrow Ezee shed, Arrow Garden Shed, Arrow Red Barn, Arrow 10×12 Metal Shed.

Arrow Ezee Shed (8×6 and 8×9)

The Arrow Ezee Shed is available in two unique sizes i.e. 8’ x 6’ and 8’ x 9’. If you are looking for a modern slick looking shed, to blend with your backyard or garden, then the Arrow Ezee Shed will fit the bill.  When it comes to putting this metal storage shed together, unlike some other garden shed kits the Ezee Shed is a dream.  Arrow didn’t give it the name, “ezee”, for no reason.  This shed literally snaps together like a Lego set, and can be completely assembled it c.2 hours.  With pre-hinged doors ready to hang, there will be very few tools needed to build this baby, and with Arrows varied range of accessories you can customize and fit out the ezee shed to suit your requirements.

Arrow Garden Shed 8×3

If you have a small garden and you just need a storage shed to house your garden tools, lawn mower and other bits and pieces, then the Arrow Garden Shed will be sufficient for your needs. The double doors on this shed make it very accessible and easy to see all your equipment at a glance. When properly organised, this shed will surprisingly hold a lot of stuff. Its size is a unique feature in itself as it can be placed discretely along a boundary wall of fence, without imposing too much on your small garden. Unlike the larger sheds this shed comes supplied with a floor frame and 4 wide shelves and a tool hanger rack.

Red Barn

Modeled on a traditional Dutch barn, with character, unlike many sheds, Arrows iconic Red Barn shed offers a sufficient amount of storage space with extra height inside. With its high ceiling of 8’ at the highest point, this shed can easily accommodate tall items such as, ladders, fishing rods or long lengths of wood etc. making it suitable to stand up inside. The double doors feature, allows for storage of items like tractor mowers or quads or even motor cycles etc. If you have a large garden or yard then the Red Barn will fit in very well and definitely enhance your property.  Like all arrow sheds the red barn is engineered for durability and convenience. See our article on Barn Sheds.

Arrow Arlington 10×12 Shed.

If you are looking for a larger metal storage shed in the 10’ x 12’ size range, the Arrow Arlington Shed offers a significant  c.120 sq feet of floor space. With its traditional pitched roof, this will be a substantial shed at the rear of any property.  Unlike the red barn, at 80 inches at the apex the Arlington storage shed offers slightly less storage height inside but this is well compensated by its large floor area, and depending on your needs this could be the shed for you. Like most Arrow sheds the double doors make great access for wider items very convenient and with a baked on enamel finish, this storage shed will require little or no maintenance. In terms of value for money the Arlington shed certainly offers great value for a low cost storage solution.

For a full range of Arrow storage sheds and other brands, check out our store at where we will be happy to get you the right shed for your back yard.

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