5 reasons why Arrow Sheds might be the storage solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s Spring Clean time of year again; suddenly we notice the hallways have been taken over by bikes, the TV room is bursting at the seams and even the garage seems to be heaving at the sides – and that’s without the car even in it! What better time to take control of your living conditions and claim back your space. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways to create more storage space is by purchasing and self-assembling a garden shed kit. We’ve looked at the benefits of metal storage sheds from leading manufacturers in the field – Arrow Sheds.

1)   Save your hard earned pennies.

Self assembly, DIY garden shed kits are a cheaper more convenient solution to problems of storage space than preassembled models or remote storage facilities. Arrow sheds models start from as little as $200 upwards. Once you have all of your belongings well organized inside they can help you save even more money by preventing you from buying duplicates of tools and other items because you can’t find the original!

2)    Free your space… Free your mind.

It’s now a well known fact that decluttering your environment and organizing your living space can help declutter your mind. Sorting out the home can be a daunting task but think of the sense of achievement you’ll feel once its done – not to mention the sense of spaciousness and freedom that you’ll have. Well organized metal storage sheds mean you will know exactly where everything is, allowing you to be more efficient and productive in your day.

3)    Protecting your loved ones, Protecting your belongings.

Metal storage sheds allow owners to lock their valuables away out of sight, and keep their belongings safe from adverse weather conditions too. Removing items such as power tools and garden equipment from the house to your storage shed will make your home environment a safer place for children, pets and other loved ones.

 4)    Protecting your investment.

The Arrow sheds brand of metal storage sheds are available in either electro galvanized steel or (in their premium range) vinyl-coated electro galvanized steel. These materials are durable and feature a double baked-on enamel paint finish that keeps them serviceable and attractive for years; ensuring that your investment and peace of mind is for the long term. All models inArrow sheds also come backed with a long term warranty so that you can make a risk free investment.

 5)    Bespoke for your backyard.

Arrow Shedshave a wide variety of models to meet all types of budget, DIY skills and personal preferences. Sheds are available in small, medium or large sizes with roof tops in: Gable, Sloped, Barn or Mansard. You can choose from a range different colors that will complement the look and style of your own backyard. Metal storage sheds are easy to assemble and each model comes with a step by step assembly manual.


ThinkArrow Sheds might be the storage solution for you? Its important to shop around to make sure that you find the perfect storage shed to meet your budget and backyard. Storage Sheds Direct stocks all of the biggest brands of storage sheds on the market and this online retailer also offers FREE shipping and a toll free Customer Service hotline. Ready for the next step? Visit www.storageshedsdirect.com to find your perfect storage shed today.


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