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Making the Most of your Man Den – with Duramax Sheds.

Aaahh Summer. Time to plan a camping trip and think about fixing the car. Or maybe you just want to take it easy in a deckchair with a nice, cold beer? Either way – where’s all that stuff hiding? We know…you haven’t looked since the search for Christmas decs in December. Now is the time to get organized. Imagine tackling it all and transforming your den into a place where everything’s at your finger tips and where you’ll want to hang out too. Here’s how you do it. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Storage Shed.

Practical considerations when buying a storage shed. Many storage sheds these day come as complete shed kits, i.e. they will simply arrive flat packed, pallet wrapped or in a big cardboard box. And the rest will be up to you. This may be daunting to some people but it can also be a fun exercise putting it all together. Continue reading

Arrow Sheds – Top 7 Customer Tips on self assembly.

The weed whackers and the lawn cutters are clogging up the extension and the wife’s new hobby is spread out over work surfaces – time to invest in some outside storage space. You need something durable that can withstand the elements and at a price that won’t break the bank. Arrow storage sheds are a popular choice for customers on a budget as they offer a range of affordable DIY garden shed kits.  Continue reading

Suncast Storage Sheds (Why Size always matters)

Suncast storage sheds are one of the most popular range of garden shed kits on the market today. Specialising in high quality, plastic sheds at affordable prices, this leading manufacturer designs sheds suitable for all types of homes and backyards. Made out of a high quality resin, these plastic storage sheds are durable, fire retardant and require no treatment leaving them maintenance free and light weight enough to easily reposition. Storage sheds from Suncast come in three sizes – let us help you choose the right size for you.   Continue reading

Why buy a barn style shed?

If you live in a modest size house as many people do in the United States, you will be well aware of how easily your house can get cluttered up with stuff.  Particularly if you have a young family, kids toys and accessories, all seem to come in abundance these days and are forever increasing in size. There just never seems to be enough space to fit it all in, and create some order around the place.                                                            Continue reading

Vinyl Storage Sheds – Our Top 3 FAQ’s

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service here at SSD and we don’t just mean after-care either. Even if you are still trying to make up your mind about the best garden shed kit for you, we are always happy to help with some friendly and expert advice on our toll free Customer service hotline. With that in mind we thought we’d compile our list of most frequently asked customer questions on this week’s topic: Vinyl Storage Sheds.    Continue reading