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Storage Sheds Direct launches Blog.

Online retailer Storage Sheds Direct launched its brand new blog today at: Packed full of detailed “How to” guides, helpful tips and handy hints that even the most inexperienced of “shed heads” should be able to understand…! Storage Sheds Direct will be sharing its industry expertise with its customers via the world wide web on a weekly basis.      Continue reading

Building a Timber Base for a Garden Shed Kit

An old building cliché states that, “there is no good building without a good foundation”

All things being equal and like any other building; you can apply this theory to erecting a storage shed, be it a metal storage shed, vinyl storage shed or even a plastic storage shed.  Although it may not be necessary to pour concrete and reinforced steel for your garden shed kit, though you can do that if you want a solid floor inside your shed, but for the purpose of this article we will look at option of building a timber base.      Continue reading

Storage Sheds Direct introduces a new line of Gorilla Swing Sets just in time for summer.

Storage Sheds Direct, online retailer specializing in providing storage space of all shapes, sizes and materials to the US home market, announced today that it would be introducing to its range a new line of childrens’ wooden playsets from leading manufacturer Gorilla.    Continue reading

Steel, Vinyl or Resin…Let us help you choose the perfect storage shed.

As the days get longer and the air gets warmer we start to notice the scent of freshly cut grass and thoughts turn to tidying up our own backyard and dusting off the BBQ. A garden shed can be the perfect storage solution for all those tools you’ve had lying around just picking up rust and can also provide an attractive focal point. There are lots of items to consider before you purchase – so first you’ll need to decide how much you have to spend and what you are going to store in it (these decisions will help determine the right size shed that you need) and then, of course, where its going to go in your backyard. Once you’ve established that you’ll need to make a decision on materials – let us help you with an overview of some of the leading brands.    Continue reading

How to get portable storage solutions… in an instant .

Need a shed with a tough hide? Our rough guide to Rhino Shelters.

Sometimes our storage needs can change rapidly; even overnight. Perhaps you’ve just bought the car of your dreams…or added a new Harley to the collection… either way you may find yourself in the position where you have to accommodate this new purchase quickly. Instant garages or “portable garages” as they are sometimes known can be an efficient and speedy solution to the problem. With a focus on one of the leading brands of instant shedsRhino Shelters – we’ve looked at some of the benefits of instant garages.  Continue reading

Creating a Level Base for Your New Storage Shed.

Before erecting a storage shed of any kind, the most important aspect of the whole job is to start off with a level solid base. There is no guarantee that your backyard or garden space will be completely level even though it may look reasonably ok. For some people this may not be a big issue, but for example if you have a work bench inside your storage shed, where you will be spending a good deal of your hobby time, for ease of comfort it will be kind of important that your bench is sitting level, and not at an awkward angle or tilt. Can you imagine eating your dinner every day on a table that is sitting off level? You will go crazy..!  Also even more importantly for ease of assembling your shed, the base needs to be dead level. If it is off level, it will only start showing when you get as far as assembling the roof, you will run into all sorts of problems like parts not lining up correctly and you will feel like pulling all your hair out, if you have any left at that stage, but don’t fret just yet. 🙂 Below we will try and put you on the right track so you have a smooth and pain free assembly process. Continue reading

3 Factors to consider when choosing your Suncast Storage Shed.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a garden storage shed to tidy away all those tools that seem to have spread throughout the house this winter, then stop what you are doing because you are going to want to read this. We’re going to look at the top three factors you should consider when deciding which storage shed is right for you. For simplicity’s sake we’ve focused on the range of one leading manufacturer – Suncast Storage Sheds, but these tips can be applied to any of your favourite brands. Continue reading

5 reasons why Arrow Sheds might be the storage solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s Spring Clean time of year again; suddenly we notice the hallways have been taken over by bikes, the TV room is bursting at the seams and even the garage seems to be heaving at the sides – and that’s without the car even in it! What better time to take control of your living conditions and claim back your space. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways to create more storage space is by purchasing and self-assembling a garden shed kit. We’ve looked at the benefits of metal storage sheds from leading manufacturers in the field – Arrow Sheds. Continue reading